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304 stainless steel laser welding

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:08 am    Post subject: 304 stainless steel laser welding Reply with quote

In recent years, the application of stainless steel sheet is more extensive, in the aerospace, electronic devices, medical equipment, nuclear industry, mechanical instruments and other applications more and more. Therefore, the ultra-thin stainless steel products, packaging and welding becomes very important. The traditional welding method is difficult to ensure the quality of sheet metal forming, and laser welding has the advantages of traditional welding can not match, can effectively reduce the welding defects. 304 stainless steel sheet welding technology research is generated in this context.Stainless steel wire suppliers

Stainless steel in the course of a large part of the welding, because the quality of welding a direct impact on the use of stainless steel parts performance. The welded joints of stainless steel are composed of three parts: weld metal zone, heat affected zone and base metal (base metal) zone.<Hot Sale ASTM 321 Stainless Steel tubing

Advantages of using laser welding for laser welding: Compared with conventional welding, low power pulsed laser seam welding has the advantages of high power density, energy concentration, small heat input, narrow weld and small deformation, etc., and the laser beam can be focused Which makes the laser seam welding more suitable than the other welding methods for the welding of small-sized workpieces. For ultra-thin stainless steel laser welding, because the material is very thin, it is easy to vaporize the perforation, in order to get a continuous, no burn through the weld. The key is the precise control of the parameters.Stainless Seamless Steel Pipe Maker In China

There are two commonly used laser welding methods: pulse laser welding and continuous laser welding. The former is mainly used for single-point fixed continuous and thin pieces of material welding. The latter is mainly used for welding and cutting large thick pieces.10 inch stainless steel pipe
Features of stainless steel water pipes
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