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CD / DVD Audio conundrum

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 2:01 pm    Post subject: CD / DVD Audio conundrum Reply with quote


New here and wanna start off with a question that's been plaguing me for months now - might be a simple answer, might not be, but i'm gonna ask it anyway, lol..

Right, to start off, let me tell you about my situation. I'm a music producer / engineer and since buying a dedicated external audio interface (Presonus Firepod) and getting rid of my internal PCI soundcard, i can't seem to record / sample from cd's and dvd's and have tried a million (well a few) ways to do it and still haven't found the best way - i've found answers but not the right ones, or at least the right ones i want to hear, lol..

Ok, my main question is regarding the audio from a dvd-rom drive through the headphone jack. Basically, i'm wanting to run a 3.5mm jack into a double 6.3mm jack lead, into 2 of the line inputs into my external soundcard. I have hooked this up but am not receiving a signal, not even a low one and i have changed the playback of the drive to analogue, which i had to do to hear audio out of the headphone jack with headphones. Is the signal from the dvd-drive in this manner, gonna be strong enough to register a line level signal. Considering i can hear audio from the headphones, i would have thought that this signal was loud enough to record?
The second part to my qeustion is....i know cd audio is fine out of the headphone jack, but what about dvd audio, as its format is different?
I was told that windows handles all the dvd audio itself and won't register through the headphone jack, and as i only have a cd-rom with headphone jack at the moment, i can't test this for myself..

Anyway, could someone shed some light on this subject, or at point me in the right direction..

Many thanks..
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 5:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome to the forums.

OK, I have to admit, I'd never heard of a Presonus Firepod before, so I Googled it! That is some serious kit! Which leads me to a question - why are you trying to get CD audio from a PC CD drive? Quality wise they are about a bad as you can get for audio reproduction! The DAC in a CDROM drive is as cheap and nasty as they come!

Firstly, the only signal you will get out of the jack on the front of the drive is CD Audio - that is normal audio CD sound. If it has mp3s on it, they won't make a squeak out of that socket. This also answers your question about DVD audio - no it won't work!

OK, so firstly, if you can get a sound with headphones from the drive, then the Firepod should be able to detect it. If that is OK, check the cable, does it work for something else? (it might seem daft, but this could be the problem).

So now we have hopefully established that there is a signal getting to the Firepod. It should now be down to configuring the Firepod and software to get it to do what it should do. Again, test the incoming port with another source to ensure it is working. Ideally try an mp3 player using the same cable...

I hope this helps, let us know how you get on and any problems you face.
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