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Choose Wood Floor What Should Be Pay Attention To ?

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 1:38 am    Post subject: Choose Wood Floor What Should Be Pay Attention To ? Reply with quote

<p>Choose wood floor should pay attention to what? The correct choice of flooring make flooring and wall colors echoing the overall effect has been greatly improved, and can improve the quality of our lives. Different types of wood floor has a different selection methods, in addition to the requirements of businesses to provide a formal test report, we also can through some simple ways to test, choose a good wood floor.</p>
<p>We often choose wood floor into some errors, we should note that, in the building materials market to show some credible way, such as the material to soak into the water to show its water is not deformed, and this is actually misleading, actual All wood floors are not able to soak in the water, although during the destructive quality testing experiment will material soaked in water, but that does not mean that we can afford to buy wood flooring a long soak.</p>
<p>In order to meet the needs of daily life, wood flooring waterproof measures have been taken, but the wood still can not afford more serious immersion. Because the cells inside the structure determines its shrinkage wet up characteristics, but reduced expansion coefficient different floors are not the same, so you should avoid all wood floors are immersed in water, the so-called "not afraid of water" does not mean "no distortion."</p>
<p>Describes some aspects of the purchase of wood flooring should be noted</p>
<p>1 poor water resistance water resistance will lead to the occurrence of significant expansion of the surrounding floor, causing the floor bagging. The moisture content was an important factor in the floor directly affect the dimensional stability, moisture content usually wooden floor should be consistent with the local water content, otherwise the floor at the time of environmental change will have varying degrees of dimensional change, so we should pay attention to the time of purchase optional floor moisture content meets national standards.</p>
<p>2 flame retardant since the flame retardant for wood flooring can not be too demanding, simple test method can be used cigarettes placed on the floor surface, to be burning after the end of the floor did not iron out uncleanable traces, without cracks, spots bubbling says retardant properties qualified.</p>
<p>3 gluing wood flooring is natural wood, without any bonding process. The parquet is the use of the adhesive coating from the hot plate surface, so the bond performance is important indicator of quality of products, it will directly affect the use of the product function and life.</p>
<p>4 formaldehyde content parquet and laminate flooring contain a certain amount of formaldehyde in the adhesive, it will be gradually released in gaseous form into the surrounding environment, when people are at a high concentration of formaldehyde in the environment, eyes, nose and respiratory tract occurs discomfort, hazardous to their health.</p>
<p>5 wear Laminate flooring has good wear resistance because it is wear-resistant surface layer, we are in the product description seen 6000 ~ 18000r says abrasion resistance, which corresponds to its wear-resistant layer corundum abrasive content. National standards set forth, 6000r more products suitable for home use, and the public must be at least 9000r.</p>
<p>6 paint handling and laminate flooring is different, wood flooring and parquet board through the paint process, the selection should be checked paint should be uniform, smooth, smooth. Seamless paint, no bubbles, no cracks.</p>

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