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Elastic PVC floor Advantages

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2016 8:11 am    Post subject: Elastic PVC floor Advantages Reply with quote

PVC elastic floor (commonly known as the elastic plastic floor) in the United States such as Germany, southeast Asia, eastern Europe advanced countries, have been popular for many years. Anywhere warm heating technology popularization, the elasticity of PVC floor began to spread in China. Hong Kong Taiwan, Singapore, and today is the tomorrow of China, following the footsteps of The Times.
Simulation PVC elastic floor seven advantages to support its lead, demonic. We carefully and see it!
1, waterproof non-slip: surface for high-density special structure, simulation wood decorative pattern, the more the water acerbity, not slippery, such products shop can remove the elderly and children's security concerns. Its characteristic is marble, such as traditional ground material cannot be compared.
2, super wear-resistant: ground material wear-resisting degree, depends on the material and thickness, surface wear-resisting layer is not only see the total thickness of the floor tile. PVC elastic floor coating thickness of 0.1 0.5 mm special polymer material, wear-resisting degree is high, for similar products in the longest service life. Comparing composite wood floor of a thin layer of transparent membrane or a layer of glaze on traditional ground material, is more so.
After 3, qualitative light, laying of the component. Lighter than elasticity of wood floor after laid weight 10 times, 20 times lighter than traditional ground material component after laid, 25 times lighter than the marble laid after component to reduce its bearing component of the building, safe, and convenient transport.
4, laid is convenient: neither need cement sand, also do not need wooden stick, special mucilage, the shop is stuck, quick and easy. Product great variety, has broken flower, cobblestone, marble and wood, and other series, blended, save time and effort, once OK.
5, good flexibility: special flexible structure, impact resistance, and the foot feels right, provides the highest security of daily life for my family.
6, good heat conduction warmth: only a few minutes heat conduction, heat evenly, not marble, traditional ground material of cold feeling, barefoot in the winter, also not afraid. Now most young children love to play bare feet on the ground, it is more obvious advantage.
7, maintenance convenient: ordinary swab swab with water line, in case of the stain, use the eraser or thinners have to do is to brush try clean immediately.

the article come from:Affordable Philippine Wood Plank For Flooring
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