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Floor and other furniture colors scheme (1)

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:44 am    Post subject: Floor and other furniture colors scheme (1) Reply with quote

Ground color must be set off the color of furniture and floor coverings belong to a long renovation, under normal circumstances, will not often change, so to choose a number of factors should be considered. Among them, the neutral color has been the mainstream color, but if with the right mix, dark, light can achieve the desired effect. Then the wooden floor home decoration when what needs to consider? Here with a look!

1, the color of the door and the floor mix

With dark floors and doors: the local board when a dark, conservative design or traditional style home can be used to match a dark wooden door; now more common with light-colored wooden doors, because the traditional decoration ideas is wall or door color should be lighter than the ground; dark floor with plain white or light gray doors are very suitable, can not be reconciled in style.

With light-colored flooring and doors: light-colored floor with relatively few people, but now more and more people to use, and can be in the mix with dark wooden doors, wooden doors and light gray wooden door. Suitable white floor is gray doors, this will not result in a low, ground color light wall colors heavy "top-heavy" feeling.

2, decor and floor colors

The modern style wood color: Modernism floor of neoclassical nurturing, clear, modern lines to represent elements of modern fashion, with warm colors and maintain gorgeous, while simple, yet practical. Usually moderate use color to brown, red, khaki color, and the floor is not much color. Contemporary floor texture clear, complete pattern, and burl wood effect with a small amount of reserved floor, as the most simple and classic fine geometric patterns.

Pastoral style of wood color: serene, natural, indifferent to the American pastoral style, tone, light-colored wood-based and therefore less back to nature in general, or color saturation using embodies fresh and elegant natural wood texture natural handmade floor, all with a rustic country-style choice. Choose bright colors and dark colors, washed white, yellow maple, color wheat field and the most representative bluestone color, do not choose the color span is relatively large and high color saturation of intermediate colors.

To be continued

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