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in countries such as Replica Designer Belts

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:14 am    Post subject: in countries such as Replica Designer Belts Reply with quote

So they think that the government rescue unfair to taxpayers and ordinary buyers, must also exacerbate market moral hazard, a dangerous precedent for more serious crisis. If we back history, you will find that the American people of this kind of reaction, also from since the great depression in the 1930 s, americans always mistr ust and hatred to Wall Street. In the average American's point of view, the great depression of the 30 s completely are the result of Wall Street oligarchs're incapable, so, in the history of the United States, although Wall Street has created the brilliant, achievement the financial hegemony of the United States for nearly a century and in the field of the world's financial power. But Wall Street never win respect in the United States, they are popular in the United States is far less than in countries such as Replica Designer Belts, in terms of the financial crisis, ordinary americans think that is the Wall Street financial giants in order to get high pay the costs of reckless ris k-taking, the consequences, should not be borne by the American people,. Even need taxpayers' money to rescue Wall Street should slash Wall Street executives compensation and punishing down on the premise of their adventures, and the government's bailout plan did not find the real cause, no disciplinary content and tougher regulation on Wall Street. Based on the above two points, the American people for the government's financial rescue plan in the foreground is not optimistic. As Wall Street to take over fannie mae and Freddie MAC, the three major investment bank bankruptcy, americans how much hidden risks for Wall Street have great suspicion, lehman is a minefield at the end? 700 billion bailout plan is the final cost, it is not just a question of ordinary americans, and Mr Bernanke and paulson's question. The proposal of the problem is that it does not give taxpayers to repurchase the assets on the commitment and security. In contrast, the American people were told that these buy bad loans money may not be able to get in return, the uncertainty may make investors believe the plight of the much worse than it looks, through to the complex and powerful public opinion undercurrent will naturally. In November as the United States congress half facing re-election sensitive time, according to the electoral politics practice, at this time for a second term or elected lawmakers most voters care a lot will be made to the voice of gestures. Politics is adding to the uncertainty of the subtle. As members of congress to the constituency confessed that voter dissatisfaction and senior government rescue Wall Street, lawmakers are worried about losing voter support. However, in terms of the present serious situation, the United States I'm afraid I can't rely on what they call the free market system itself, and so far has consumed about market resources, a modern, scientific and effective regulation of the birth of a new financial system and on Wall Street, the construction of a new order I'm afraid I can't be automatically generated.
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