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Left Handed Mouse

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:56 am    Post subject: Left Handed Mouse Reply with quote

Have you noticed how Windows assumes you are right handed? Proberly not if you ARE right handed but if you are left handed then I sure you will have noticed.
If you are using Vista or Se7en, it is easy to make your mouse including the pointers left handed friendly.

Click on the Start Orb and type Mouse in the 'search' box or select it in the Control panel.

Put a check mark in the 'Switch primary and secondary buttons' to reverse the buttons. By that I mean your primary button wil be the right button and the secondary will be the left.
Click OK to save the changes.

To change the pointer so it leans to the right rather than the left you need to download the cursors from here:
The cursors are available in three sizes, normal, large and extra large. The default cursor size is normal but decide which size you want or download all of them. To explain the downloads a little better look at the links e.g. aero_arrow_left.cur is normal size, aero_arrow_l_left.cur is large and aero_arrow_xl_left.cur is extra large.
You have to download each cursor individually, just click on each of the links and select 'I Agree' to accept the license agreement.
Save all six of the cursors into either a folder of your choice or the 'Cursor' folder which is located in your 'Windows' folder.

Open the mouse properties window as above if you closed it and click on the 'Pointer' tab.

Double click on the pointer you want to change or highlight it and select browse and navigate your way to your 'Left Handed pointer'.
Click 'OK' and you will see that it changes instantly.

Now, change the rest of the pointers as you see fit clicking Apply after each change.
After you have changed all the pointers you want, click on 'Save As' and give your new scheme a name.

With the scheme saved you (or a right handed person) can switch between schemes as you see fit swapping between left and right handed quickly and easily.

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