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Major Malware Affecting Computers in 2016.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 4:54 am    Post subject: Major Malware Affecting Computers in 2016. Reply with quote

The term Malware stands for malicious software. Every year, new malicious software is created for illegal purposed. Their primaries purpose it to affect the computer all over the world to destroy and steal data. This malware is capable of damaging and disrupting the system of the computer. Trojan horse is one of the well-known malware on the Internet. But it has lost its effectiveness as the antivirus is updated to remove this virus from the system very quickly. The main threats are the newly created viruses that are attacking our devices because they are not easily detectable before they start to take effect. There are few antiviruses available in the market that can detect and remove any malicious system from the computer.

Here, we will discuss some of the recently developed malware affecting the computers all over the world. Letís have a look at them. They are as follows:

1. Dridex Malware:

It is a malware that affects the macros in the Microsoft office. In this way, it affects the system of MS office making the files corrupted. It has been recognized as a strained banking malware. It has the potential to destroy and steal the banking credentials. Most importantly, it can steal the valuable database of the banks which may reduce the trust of people over the banking system. It first enters the computer as a spam mail. The mail will contain a Microsoft Word document attached to it. The moment you will open the attachment, the malware will become activated. The attachment contains a macro which will trigger the download of the Dridex banking malware. You will not be able to stop the installation process because it is an automated system. You will not be able to resist the process of installation even if you turn the PC off. The malware will start to download from the remaining portion. But it can be killed through a good quality antivirus. The trial and free antivirus will not be able to help you get rid of this problem.

2. Shlock Malware:

It is a family of malware which performs the browser-based attack. It creates fake digital certificate where each of the certificates constitutes a malware. The digital certificates can intercept the traffic of the network. In this way, it injects the code into the website of the bank. It was first discovered in February 2011. This malware tricks the customers of the bank to provide information by asking for login into a system. The details of the customers of the bank are then transferred to the hackers instead of the bank. This malware can also initiate a fake chat box in any website. With the chat box, the hackers become enabled to get the valuable information from the customers.

So, these are the two mainstream viruses affecting the computers of various financial institutions all over the world. To get protection from such malware, you should go for the premium anti-malware programs. The Malwarebytes anti-malware coupon code 2016, will allow you to get 20% discount on the premium antivirus. Visit this page for details.
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