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Need Objective Feedback on New System

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Joined: 07 Jun 2009
Posts: 6
Location: New York City

PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:06 pm    Post subject: Need Objective Feedback on New System Reply with quote

Hi, All (based across The Pond)!

This is my first visit.

I hope not self indulgent, as my 3 current systems could not be healthier and happier, I have learned to keep them that way.

But I am having one of my intense greed for speed attacks. I am lusting for this system offered by an eBay vendor I got the system I am on now from.….tho I upgrade things…..Very reliable vendor officially hooked up with Dell.

For my desktops, I only get Optiplexes. Made beautifully to last, great engineering, and, I should say right off, while I can, OK, replace mobos and own Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste, I do not have the skillset to choose components to build a custom rig; just the thought of it makes me seriously nauseated, lol. Plus, my take is even choosing every element carefully and properly re a custom build, what I end up with going the above route, I could not build for the money I end up giving.

Now, my fastest system (I am on now) is Optiplex GX620; P-D (Presler, 945), 3.40; 3 GBs of DDR2. I am running XP Pro. I upgraded the PSU to an Antec 430W I use integrated video, am not a gamer and do not need more; added a second HDD internally (SATA 2) and use the singularly fabulous XXclone……the geniuses at Pixelabs are there in the UK, so my drives are clones and I can boot into either one; I do incremental updates on the backup drive every couple of weeks.

Here is the puppy I now have greed for speed lust for:

This chip is the fastest Dell offers within the Opti line. Pay no attention to refurbished, their systems are in perfect shape; I speak from first hand experience; getting this puppy new from Dell per se would be way more money.

I would load XP Pro as usual---only time will tell if W7 is another catastrophe/joke or not…..I think the 4 GBs of ram in this system would not be a problem tho XP can only use little over 3….if necessary, I would remove a stick or two. This board maxes out at 8 GBs. I would install the Antec PSU now in this system, and use my current backup drive for the same function in the new system. (If I don’t have internal backup in a desktop, I can not sleep.)

I am in serious need of expert feedback from human(s) not in the throes of lust for speed and so, objective & sane, to help me make informed decision re this system…..esp what kinda boost in performance I would experience with it versus the one I am on now with above specs.

Cause trust me, right now, I can not be trusted on my own. lol

Thanks so much in advance!


PS, to put things in perspective, you still can't get this chip anywhere for under $300.
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Joined: 07 Jun 2009
Posts: 6
Location: New York City

PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello again.

In hopes of saving fine people here wasted time, and at the risk of coming across as a little, OK, unstable…..or some rabid puter slut---lol, pls let me say I have now fallen out of luv with the 960 I solicited feedback on, have discovered a new Dell line I did not know existed, the amazing i7 chip which puts those in the 960 to shame, has DDR3 ram…..cutting edge chipset.

Here is one offered by the vendor I know and trust in Dallas:
Only issue: I like big towers. Ones I can almost fit INTO. Being small this is not a total joke. But more accurately, re desktops I like big towers as I can work in them easily, they are upgradeable and the airflow is optimal. Small and light fab for lappy, I have Alienware Sentia which fits the bill. But re desktops, I only want big towers.

I emailed James at this vendor to let me know if he has this in the bigger tower configuration and how much and re downgrade to XP.

I then came upon my, OMG, ultimate, all time dream system- machine within this new Dell line:

Only teeeeeeny problem: at $3,339 (still way less than at Dell) it’s $2.339 (plus shipping) more than I am willing to pay for my next system. I can only go 1K.

Unless, that is, it comes with a Ferrari. lol

Thanks for yr tolerance.. I await feedback, now, on the i7 chip, the DDR3 ram and this new Dell line I have fallen in luv with. This time it's not infatuation. I am almost positive. lol
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