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Once you know

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:46 am    Post subject: Once you know Reply with quote

Once you know officials have little hobby, one thousand party hundreds of his hobby, his mood, some officials under the briber compliment smug, triumphant, think oneself is the greatest Designer Belts calligrapher, writer, finally reaching the bribery of cage, finally can't from pull out. Such as former vice governor of jiangxi province is Hu Changqing calligrapher, nanchang to paper, his calligraphy are everywhere, everyone is proud of with his calligraphy, except that the downfall of his, his so-called calligraphy to be shit, everyone. About corrupt officials is another thing in common, cheap versace belts so now someone called corrupt the xu sanduo. The first is more tickets. Known fact, this is the world which corrupt officials fall behind, is his greedy countless money, from the past tens to hundreds of thousands of, to millions, to now tens of millions of even a few hundred million, more and more shocking, people die, wealth to eat dead bird, rot by wear and finally the gunfire, is corrupt official proof of that. The second is women. Party a statistics, 95% of corrupt officials, there are a group of mistresses, as can be seen from the fall of corrupt officials, behind them is not only a few lover, some ten or even hundreds of, some in order to manage mistress, even with the MBA management method for mistress mistress. Typical examples are the secretary Zhang Erjiang before tianmen city, hubei province, including his wife, has 108 women; Before the construction department of jiangsu province of Xu Jiyao mistresses 140; The former propaganda minister chosen woman has three standards: a college student, two beautiful, third, we need a virgin. The third house is much more. Now of corrupt officials is not only a house, often have several sets of a dozen or even dozens of sets of, this is another typical modern corrupt officials, they not only have a house, even the grandson have prepared the house, including for lovers to buy a house. At present, Designer Belts has entered the final crucial stage, football anti-counterfeiting enthusiasm for football anti-counterfeiting showed very, think that Mulberry Bag football really have time to overhaul, otherwise, there can be no Designer Belts football tomorrow. However, when we pay attention to the Designer Belts soccer fraud, ignoring the football, the other ball games false play, let's remember, let's see the many stars dim and failure of the helpless! The author review the five famous football match fixing Designer Belts sport events, is in the name of the interests of the state, the collective interests. One, in 1961, the 36th world championships, held in Beijing, the semi-finals is all of one suit is one of Mulberry Bag general: chuang tsetung, ninnemann jl.melanoma-associated immunosuppression through b, Zhang Xielin, Xu Yinsheng. According to the common sense, the leadership should not intervene the game at this time, because who is winning a replica fendi belt ll the same, are all Designer Belts athletes get MEDALS. But, when he long, director of the sports commission held a meeting, the default title for chuang tsetung, for the fo fake hermes belt llowing reasons: one is he stood in replica versace belt the middle of the team work, the second is he on behalf of the capital. Lost in this way, three from Shanghai to a beijinger, chuang tsetung smoothly to become the world champion, then accomplished chuang tsetung three-peat, also have ninnemann jl.melanoma-associated immunosuppression through b let the ball
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