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really need help big problem

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Joined: 23 Feb 2009
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:54 pm    Post subject: really need help big problem Reply with quote

hey all!!

I recently purchased a new computer, i built it from the ground up from ebuyer. the equipment and specs are as follows:

Vista ultimate 64 bit
1 intel core 2 quad 2.83 ghz
2 kingston 4gb RAM
2 sapphire HD 4850 graphics cards
1 lanparty DK P 45-T2RS motherboard from DFI
and iiyama 24 inch LCD HD monitor

upon my computer arriving and having been built i wanted to install some games to check speed. I downloaded a crysis demo and installed guild wars and Red Alert 2. Everything worked perfectly smooth and as fast as you like on highest graphics on all games including crysis. (64 bit one) The trouble started the next morning when i went to play on these games again (i had changed my resolution of the monitor to 1920x...(soz cant remeber) but this setting had worked the night before when i changed it in the ingame menu. When i went to start each one this morning guild wars and crysis wouldnt load, all that happened was a black screen came up with the computer still running but everything frozen (so i couldnt even do ctrl alt del) i had to restart the computer manualy(monitor was running as i know some of these problems have had the monitor say no input but this is different). now everytime i try these games the same thing happens (apart from red elert and the 32 bit version of crysis which is a bit odd )

I tried many things to fix this problem, people suggested updating graphics cards and drivers(which i did)
Working out if it was graphics card or monitor (it seems to be graphics card as i tried a new monitor and that didnt work either)
cooling down the graphics cards as may be too hot (temps were only going to about 65c which is fine but i increased fan speed anyway)
getting a higher wattage battery???? (i have a fine battery)
returning to default BIOS and CMOS (nothing happened)

I singled down the problem and i think i have found the cause (but not sure) i believe that this problem happens when the screen resolution is changed via the graphics card. Meaning when i change the resolution of the monitor via personalisation through the control panel its fine but when i change it in the ATI ccc the same black screen happens. What also maade me think that is the problem when i put the resolution of the monitor down to 1024x600 which is the default for guildwars it worked! but as soon as i changed the resolution in the game (which i had done before) or via desktop to try again the same black screen. I recently tried a new game GTA 3 which didnt work at all on any resolution (when i put it in my laptop i found that the default resolution for it is 640x400 which i cant even get on my screen but that should change when game is loaded but it doesnt)which means with this problem that game is useless!!!

i have recently been able to get the crysis 64 bit too work again but it is no longer fullscreen it is almost inside a window which means the resolution doesnt have to alter which means no problem.

Please i need some profesional guidence.
i appologise for the long winded explanation but i have reached the end of my knowledge and so need some outside help desperatly.

thank you in advance

ps i am not a computer wizz please explaing solutions carefully and i appologise in advance for asking LOTS of follow up questions because i am bound to not understand thank you!!!!
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It sounds to me like you are trying to run with a resolution and refresh rate that is incompatible with your monitor. Do you have the correct drivers installed for your monitor?
"Microsoft programs are generally bug-free. If you visit the Microsoft hotline, you'll literally have to wait weeks if not months until someone calls in with a bug in one of our programs. 99.99% of calls turn out to be user mistakes. I know not a single less irrelevant reason for an update than bugfixes. The reasons for updates are to present more new features."
-- Bill Gates, on code stability, from Focus Magazine
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