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Seeing "Seams" while playing PC games.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 11:48 pm    Post subject: Seeing "Seams" while playing PC games. Reply with quote

I have for the past few months, been seeing some "seams" while playing games on my PC, I've only experienced these "seams" on Final Fantasy XI (an MMO) and World of Warcraft (another MMO) at first I thought it was something released in a patch on Final Fantasy XI that was causing these "seems" then I went and played World of Warcraft and noticed them there as well.

What I see is two textures that look as if they're not close enough thus leaving a 1 pixel wide line that runs in between the textures.

These seems I know were not there 4-5 months ago as they stand out enough for one to not be able to not notice them.

I have done nothing to my PC except update to newer graphic drivers as they are released but the issue is still there even if I roll back to some pretty old drivers so I am confused as to what the issue may be.

I use a Dell made computer with a Nvidia GeForce 7300 LE graphics card (which is supported by both games) and I use DirectX 9.0c. My graphics Driver is 169.21 Forceware from the Nvidia website, and as I stated, rolling back to older models has not changed the problem.

While playing these games as well, I noticed that sometimes shading is not blending as it should, (example: I am staring at a building, there is light hitting the building from one side thus making it bright, and it's dark on the other side, the darkness and light are not blending together like they used to, instead it's just a line separating the light and dark, instead of them blending together.)

After updating drivers/downgrading drivers the only change I make inside the Nvidia Control Panel is put Vertical Sync Forced on to prevent the tearing, and also put Triple Buffering on, I have tried having Triple Buffering on and off and there is no difference between the two.
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