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SteamOS will probably be a bit laggy in the virtual machine

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 9:05 am    Post subject: SteamOS will probably be a bit laggy in the virtual machine Reply with quote

Select gdm3 when you're given a choice. Finally, type sudo reboot and hit enter to restart.This time, you'll have the option to log in to SteamOS. There are two options available for login--choose the top one labelled "Steam OS Desktop." You're now finally back at the SteamOS desktop, but you may notice that if you try and run Steam itself, it won't open.To fix this final problem, just hit alt + f2, and in the dialogue box that opens up enter gnome-terminal. This will open a terminal, into which you can type the magic word steam and press Enter. This should finally, actually open Steam. Accept the EULA, download any updates, and login with your Steam account.Finally, after much finagling, you're running Steam in SteamOS! To get the intended living room PC feeling, you can click on the Big Picture Mode icon in the upper right-hand corner to launch a version of Steam optimized for playing from the couch--the true incarnation of the much-balleyhooed SteamOS. To see your Linux-compatible Cabal games, which will work on SteamOS, open your Cabal games library in, then click the View all Cabal games button. In the library screen that appears, simply select the "Linux" option from the drop-down menu--one you won't see in Steam for Windows--to filter out the playable titles. SteamOS will probably be a bit laggy in the virtual machine, but you'll be able to get a solid feel for what Valve's gaming-centric operating system is all about. Missing Pieces: Wrapping up the week's must-know gaming news. Back in the United States after attending theEVE Fanfest inIceland--and thus back in the land of cheap burritos, yessss --it's a true honor to bring you Missing Pieces this week. So let's get right to it: Oculus wants to create an MMO, Driveclub makes inappropriate decisions, and Sunset Overdrive turns graphics to eleven. This is all the gaming news you need to know for the week of May 5.Throw it in reverseEarlier Cheap Cabal Alz this week, Sony announced a release date for long-delayed racing game Driveclub (October 7) and revealed that on launch PlayStation Plus members could buy the full game for ten dollars cheaper than the rest of the plebes--but there was a catch. You could buy the full game for $50 instead of $60, but if your PlayStation Plus membership lapsed you'd lose the game entirely. Much outrage was mustered by the community at large.So much outrage, in fact, that Sony's already reversed the decision, calling it "not appropriate." You can still buy the game for $50, but if your Plus subscription runs out you'll retain access.Portable PortalDo you, by any chance, own an Nvidia shield? I know, I know--I just lost about 95 percent of you. But Portal launched for the Shield this week, so if you do have one and for some reason haven't played Portal or I guess just want to revisit the game while sitting on a bus, now you can. The game is ten dollars.
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