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This seems to be

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:41 am    Post subject: This seems to be Reply with quote

in the more than one hundred large and small in the economic history of our species in terms of the financial crisis, in addition to buffett says in some specific period, there are always many stupid people have stupid money this commonness, together with any financial crisis seems to be unique, from the cause of the outbreak to the economic and the influence of the rise and fall of great powers in humans, nobody else will. Because of this, although after one hundred years of development economics, the theory of architecture is a beautiful round of beautiful huan, the temple, is also a star-studded of economics, in terms of the financial crisis on the human economy plague, let alone specific, even every time the cause of the crisis, economics is economics cannot bear. That a U.S. senator gave profound lament: I know my country, she can support any things calmly, except the financial crisis. Also because of this, often the outbreak of the global financial crisis, basic can say clearly to two things: one is the scramble to shirk responsibility, look for the culprits of the crisis of, 2 it is countries are trying to use the opportunities brought about by the crisis, for the good of the commanding heights, redrawing the world map. For shirk responsibility, the most typical is the United States.

Crash in 1929, the US President Herbert hoover has insisted that Europe should be responsible for the great recession. Although he acknowledges that the United States has certain errors in the crisis, the main error is Europe's leaders of the people who don't have the courage to face these problems made the mistake. This attrie and nowadays, the root of crisis of the United States will lure in high rates of saving the American people are overextended how similar it is. With concomitant, responsibility must be opportunities in the crisis countries spare no effort to mining, on the one hand, will face the crisis of itself on by as much as possible, on the other hand,, try to change the crisis into an opportunity for using crisis mess 'rise of the ups and downs of realize own dream.

This seems to be the darkest inertia in international relations. Have you noticed, at the beginning of this unprecedented financial crisis, whether it is America's biggest rival, eu or emerging countries, such as the bric countries all private glee, watch the spread of the subprime mortgage, until the subprime evolved into the worst global financial crisis, the financial tsunami has to their own country, still not forget for a moment, the outbreak of the crisis as the end of the United States dollar hegemony, an excellent chance to change the international financial order.

Closer to far significance is not big, said, last year in October, many domestic experts talk of the crisis is the opportunity of the rise of Replica Designer Belts is the media, they ignore the excessively high trade dependence of Replica Designer Belts and the United States and the characteristics of Replica Designer Belts's export-oriented economy, entire Replica Designer Belts must seize the historical opportunity brought by the crisis, realize power grab class ahead of time, replace the us as the first big goal.
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