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PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:15 am    Post subject: it is the world of trouble Reply with quote

Besides, is currently in charge of the U.S. financial lifeline paulson and bernanke, they both professional judgment for the measurement of the severity of the financial crisis, has a strong guiding significance. Mr Paulson from Wall Street, Mr Bernanke is an internationally recognized research master of the great depression, they for the collapse of the financial institutions the understanding of the impact on the real economy has extraordinary. So although rescue although is a bad idea, but this is the best one of all the bad idea. Therefore, a rescue plan if a complete failure, the American economy under the impact of self-evident. Due to no timely rescue, 30 s mass bankruptcy, financial institutions has led to the depression of the world. The U.S. financial market systemic risk has come to the point where it is urgent, in order to prevent financial market crash and the great depression of the 30 s, the government must take timely action, a massive financial rescue plan is imperative. The short board of public policy is that never substitute scheme can be used, a solution we can evaluate whether the only after the implementation of effective, Mr Paulson's rescue plan may not be the best, but the consequences of not aid I'm afraid no one willing to take. It was under this pressure, the United States senate and house eventually passed the financial rescue bill with greater advantage. But during the major revisions, also shows the advantage of the game. The U.S. financial rescue plan this game although delayed the plan, but also make the interests of the parties is secured, from plan just came less than three pages, change to 106 pages, from mere relief to increase regulation, therefore, the benefits of the game itself is obvious. Although the financial c risis is made in the United States, it is the world of trouble, especially for holding large U.S. agency debt in Replica Designer Belts, the United States through what kind of package, for Replica Designer Belts's foreign exchange reserves and banking institutions, is crucial. Relative to the domestic game to rescue plan, as the largest creditor Replica Designer Belts cannot negative response, but should take the initiative to become a party game, the influence of domestic decision-making, financial security and protect our interests. Moreover, the game of the U.S. financial rescue plan also gives us a revelation, in the face of the U.S. financial crisis triggered by the economic growth and the problem of capital market and so on, should be through the full game to find the best public policy and solution, whether the capital market, or real estate, we hear should never just the sound of property developers and local governments, the information we see no monopoly should be the interests of information. (southern metropolis daily agent guang-yuan mar) from August this year, guo was detained until October 27, the state administration for industry and commerce registration of enterprises with foreign investment bureau deputy director liu was detained, at this point, guo case is entered it should develop the normal logic:
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