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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:42 am    Post subject: and military strength Reply with quote

Even some people regardless of the argument of history, every financial crisis after the storm, the map will reshuffle, such as, after the great depression in 1929, replaced Britain as the first big country of the United States. Naturally, the unprecedented crisis brings Replica Designer Belts is an unprecedented historical opportunity, seems to be the first big country just around the corner.

And this apparently does not conform to the historical sense, the law of the world history tells us: whether to replace the Netherlands, Spain and Britain instead of Spain, and even the United States replaced Britain as the only superpower after world war ii, is the financial crisis. In this regard, the famous American historian Paul & bull; Kennedy's the rise and fall of great powers may be able to give these people a brief historical sense. In the rise and fall of great powers, Kennedy through research from 1500 to 2000 for nearly 500 years the history of the world economic changes and military conflict, that determine a country in international affairs strength contrast change for two reasons: one is the different national strength growth, technological breakthroughs and the transformation of the organizational form. The different strength growth and technology, not only change the global balance of power, also gradually influence the political and military strength.

Therefore, in the long run, in each big economy between the rise and fall and rise and fall as a military power, there is an obvious connection. Apparently, according to Kennedy's conclusion, determine the rise and fall of the great powers, the priority is determined by economic and technical strength of military power. Because in the international system, wealth and power are inseparable twins.

In Kennedy's grand narrative, we never found he deliberately to find financial crisis impact on the rise and fall of the great powers. The great crash of 1929, the continuous depression makes American damage is more serious than any other country, however, eventually change of international pattern, it is the subsequent outbreak of world war ii. Hit hard by the financial, blessed by the war in the United States, not only successfully out of 10 years of depression, also become the world's only superpower unmatched. 97 Asian financial crisis, the United States is also trying to intervention by the international monetary fund and world bank, the pattern of change in Asia, in fact, once the calm, the most competitive in Asia, is still the financial hit of the four Asian tigers and other countries have comparative advantages in technology and system. However, people often forget close historical facts, therefore, since the outbreak of the subprime crisis, about American decline, the dollar's dominance and the discussion of the global financial scene is about to change for a period of time. The mainstream view is that the financial crisis will hit the American hegemony, the dollar the waning of the establishment of a new international financial order is only a matter of time. Powers is ready, the rotating presidency of the European Union jose Manuel barroso, said: we need a new global financial order. Mr Sarkozy said:
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